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Graffiti Cleaning & Removal Services

Graffiti Cleaning

Whether you consider graffiti to be a valid art form or nuisance, it presents a real challenge for business and property owners. For one thing, once your property is “tagged,” you run the risk of other “artists” deciding it makes the perfect canvas for their work. You also have to worry about the message you’re sending, both literally and figuratively. Graffiti can make your business look seedy and as though you’re unable to afford cleaning it up. You also have to worry about the literal message, which may include racial slurs, profanity, and gang affiliations.

Dakota Power Washing uses cleaning methods that safely wash away graffiti without damaging the surface to keep your property looking great. And, prompt removal tells graffiti “artists” that their art won’t last. If you have a graffiti problem, call us today for a free quote.

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