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Residential, Commercial, and Transportation

Concrete Paver Sealing

Paver sealing before and after comparison.Whether you’re looking to breathe new life into old pavers or protect a fresh installation, our licensed team has the training and expertise necessary to keep your outdoor flooring looking great. Before sealing, we thoroughly clean the surface to remove any stains or debris.

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House Cleaning

House-Cleaning-ImageWhether you’re looking to sell, dealing with an HOA, or just tired of looking at grimy walls, Dakota Power Washing has the tools to get the outside of your house looking as clean as the day you moved in. Our pressure washing services wash away the grime, dirt, and pollution that accumulate year after year, with special nozzles that won’t chip or harm your paint job. Call us today to book an appointment or receive a free estimate.
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Brick and Concrete Cleaning

Brick-Cleaning-ImageThe porous surfaces of brick and concrete make them especially difficult to clean, and a garden-variety hose just can’t do the trick. At Dakota Power Washing, we have the tools and experience to remove any stain from your concrete or brick structures, without damaging the surfaces. Oil, gum, dirt, and debris present zero difficulty for our licensed team of pros. Call us today to book an appointment or get a free quote.
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Commercial Inside and Outside Cleaning

Commercial-Cleaning-ImageWhatever your commercial cleaning needs, Dakota Power Washing has you covered. From removing gum from the walkways to cleaning the parking lot to cleaning the roof and awnings, our fully licensed team helps maintain your property and keep it looking great. We even clean the bathrooms and remove graffiti from your walls. Call us today to book an appointment for a free estimate.
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Serving the Phoenix-Metropolitan area, Dakota Power Washing is a fully licensed, locally owned company providing both residential and commercial pressure washing services. We tackle any project, from a fleet of vehicles to the range and hood in your kitchen.

Fleet Washing Services

Fleet-Services-Cleaning-ImageYour fleet does more than haul crew and gear to and from job sites; it advertises your business. Keep it clean and well maintained with Dakota Power Washing’s regular fleet washing maintenance program. Our team blasts away the dirt, grease, and debris your vehicles accumulate on the road and on the job site, day in and day out. Call us today for a free estimate.
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Heavy Equipment

Heavy-Equipment-Cleaning-ImageFrom land movers to bobcats, your heavy equipment likely represents a heavy investment. Keeping it clean is an important part of maintenance, extending the life of each machine. If one of your machines does break down, your mechanics will appreciate working their magic on equipment free of accumulated dirt, grease, and debris. Call us today to book an appointment or get a free estimate.

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Warehouse Cleaning (Inside and Out)

Warehouse-Cleaning-ImageFrom walls to the roofs, floors, and ceilings, Dakota Power Washing keeps the warehouses of Phoenix sparkling clean. We’ll degrease your floors, blast away cobwebs, and power spray away paint stains. Whatever your warehouse cleaning needs, inside or out, we take care of it. Call today for a free quote.
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Paint Removal Services


Whether you hired a painting service or did the job yourself, let Dakota Power Washing do the cleaning up afterward. Our pressure washing services erase paint stains and keep your home or business looking great. Of course, the longer those paint spills sit in the hot Arizona sun, the harder they are to remove, so don’t wait! Call us today for a free estimate.

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Oil Removal Services

Have you been using kitty litter to soak up oil stains in the driveway? Do you figure oil stains in your parking lot are just a part of business? Dakota Power Washing has the equipment and expertise to remove oil stains from any surface. Don’t resign yourself to oil stains; call us today to book an appointment or receive a free estimate.
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Graffiti Cleaning

Graffiti-Cleaning-ImageEven if some people declare it’s a valid art form, graffiti represents a frustrating problem for business owners. Our professional team safely washes away all graffiti, and prompt removal not only keeps your business looking great, but also deters future graffiti artists from tagging your property again. If you want to keep graffiti “artists” from using your building as their canvas, call us today for a free quote.
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