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Power and Pressure Washing Jobs by Dakota Power Washing from West Phoenix all the way to the far East Valley, and everywhere in between.

Power Washing Before & After

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these before & after power washing photos paint an epic saga, The Power of Power Washing.

Paver Driveway Oil Spill Clean Up

In addition to the large, dark oil stain marring this Tempe, Arizona driveway, surrounding pavers were stained and dull. Ninety minutes later, the large stain was gone and the driveway looked freshly installed.

Pressure Washing a Ceramic Barrel Tile Roof

Before purchasing this home, the buyer called us to wash away the bird droppings from the roof. It took around three hours, but we removed every trace of bird poop, plus the dirt and stains that accumulated over the years.

Blasting Away Oil and Other Automotive Fluids

After receiving a notice from the HOA to clean up his driveway, this homeowner called us. Less than an hour later, the oil stains were gone and the customer avoided a nasty fine from his HOA.

Restoring Mexican Pinto Pavers

Underneath all that dirt and grime were beautiful Mexican pinto pavers. Our skilled tech blasted away years of neglect to reveal the beautiful, natural colors of the pavers.

Removing Paint from a Block Wall

Before the wall could be painted, all of the old chipped and stained paint had to be removed. We power washed the wall, blasting away the old paint. The second photo is of the wall after it was repainted.

Power Washing a White Foam Roof

As you might imagine, it’s very easy to damage a foam roof with a power washer. Luckily, the pros at Dakota Power Washing had the experience at know-how to bring this white foam roof back to its original glory.

Cleaning the Corral

This corral had years of dirt and grime built up and caked onto the ceiling and walls. Our team power washed the ceiling and then cleaned the walls.

Blasting Away Bird Droppings

For years, this stucco window sill was the favorite roosting place of local birds. We power washed the sill, blasting away the bird droppings without damaging the stucco underneath.

Power Washing Heavy Equipment

It’s easy to think that heavy construction equipment is supposed to be dirty. But dirty equipment is more dangerous for the operator, the crews, and even the mechanics. Clean equipment is not only safer, it also runs better.

Sealing a Paver Driveway

Sealing pavers enhances their natural coloring. It also helps protect them against wear and tear, leaking oil and other automotive fluids, and the harsh Arizona sun.

Power Washing Heavy Duty Truck

Clean equipment is not only safer, it also runs better. Dirty Truck is more dangerous for the operator, the crews, and even the mechanics. 

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