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Power and Pressure Washing Jobs by Dakota Power Washing from West Phoenix all the way to the far East Valley, and everywhere in between.

Case Studies – Before & Afters

A collection of power and pressure washing jobs.

Paver Driveway Oil Spill Clean Up

This customer had a serious dark oil spill on their paver driveway in Tempe, AZ. Job start to finish was about 1 hour and a half.

Bird Poop on Roof Pressure Washing

This job was from a home buyer who wanted the bird poop cleaned off the roof of the home before he bought it. We were able to not only remove all the bird poop, but other stains and built up dirt too. This job took approximately 3 hours from start to finish.

Cement Driveway Oil and Other Automobile Fluids Cleanup

The HOA gave this customer a notice that they had to remove the oil from the driveway otherwise they are going to get a fine. This job was in Glendale and took approximately 40 minutes start to finish.

Mexican Pinto Pavers Restoration

Brick and Pinto Pavers before and After power washing. Years of dirt and grim removed and the natural color of the Pinto Pavers has been restored.

Block Fence Paint Removal

We power washed the fence to remove all of the paint. The second image is after the fence was repainted.

White Foam Roof Before & After

White roof after years of neglect. Power washed and brought back to the original white color.

Covered Corral Before & After Power Washing

There were years of dirt and grime caked on the ceiling. We power washed the ceiling and then cleaned all the walls.

Bird Droppings Before & After Exterior Window Sill

Birds have been roosting on this exterior window sill for years. We power washed the sill and removed all of the bird droppings.

Heavy Equipment Before & After Power Washing

Heavy equipment power washing. Clean equipment equals great running equipment.

Paver Sealing Before & After Power Washing

Driveway paver sealing project.

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