Everybody has a restaurant horror story, and nearly every one of those stories revolves around the cleanliness of the establishment. Power washing ensures your restaurant never stars in one of those horror stories. In the restaurant business, cleanliness is king, and not just in the kitchen. Diners don’t even need to taste your food; they begin forming an opinion of your restaurant before they even exit their car. That’s because your customers judge the cleanliness of every aspect of your establishment, from the bathroom, kitchen, and dining room to the parking lot and dumpsters. Yes, even the area whose sole purpose is to hold garbage needs to be clean. Luckily, professional power washing accomplishes many of the cleaning tasks that are beyond the capabilities of your standard cleaning crew.

Exterior Power Washing: You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Since people form an impression of your restaurant before they even cross the threshold, maintaining a clean exterior is vital to its long-term success. It starts with the building façade and extends to sidewalks and pathways, parking lot, and even the dumpster area. It may not be logical, but the average person makes assumptions about kitchen cleanliness based on what they see outside. If the exterior looks bad, many potential diners never bother to come inside. That makes the exterior one of the most obvious areas for regular power washing. What it comes down to is remembering what you want and expect as a customer, and then providing that for your clients. Of course, it goes beyond aesthetics. There’s a reason people expect restaurants to maintain certain levels of cleanliness, and that’s safety. Exterior areas that benefit from pressure washing include:
  • The building façade: It doesn’t take long for the elements to do a number on your building. Dulled paint, spider webs, and accumulated dirt and pollution all collect on walls, awnings, and more.
  • The parking lot: Vehicles carry dirt, oil, and grease into your parking lot. Wind blows in trash and leaves. Add in spills and the elements and the parking lot quickly looks like the after scene of a bad party.
  • Sidewalks and pathways: With thousands of feet marching along your sidewalks and the same debris and detritus commonly found in unkempt parking lots, sidewalks and pathways quickly become dirty if routine power washing doesn’t occur.
  • The drive thru: If your restaurant offers drive-thru service, you need to take special care of this area, which may be the only “dining room” for customers who regularly take advantage of this convenience. From the service window to the asphalt and concrete to the awnings and menu board, the drive thru quickly shows the toll of heavy traffic.
  • The dumpster enclosure: Obviously, this area has the greatest likelihood of spillage and leaking. Not only does it look terrible, but failure to perform routine maintenance may result in rats and other scavengers, which may infest your restaurant as well.

Interior Areas that Require Power Washing

Power washing helps maintain an immaculate restaurant on the inside as well. A professional maintenance crew handles much of this work, but some tasks require more in-depth labor to maintain sanitary conditions. Dakota Power Washing provides two services specially geared toward restaurants: restaurant hood cleaning and bathroom cleaning. The hood is like a magnet for grease, which is not only difficult to clean but is also highly flammable. This grease builds up in the hood, vents, ducts, and fans. Luckily, we have the tools to keep your restaurant hood sparkling. Bathrooms are another area that receive frequent use and become dirty quickly. In addition, your bathrooms are the area many diners use to judge the overall cleanliness of your establishment. Bathroom cleaning is part of Dakota’s commercial cleaning services. We also provide graffiti removal services, both inside and outside. Power washing your equipment improves its aesthetic value, as well. The same dirt, debris, and grease buildup negatively impacting your heavy equipment’s mechanics also does a number on its paint job.

Hire a Professional

Effective power washing is more than aiming a hose at the problem. Professionals use tools that not only make the area look clean, they also destroy bacteria and neutralize foul odors. In addition, you get a team with the training and expertise to do the job right the first time. If you’re ready to make sure every area of your restaurant sparkles, contact Dakota Power Washing today. We’ll visit your property and provide a free estimate.