More and more homeowners are embracing epoxy coatings to protect their concrete surfaces, including garage floors, patios, and driveways. And it’s no wonder. Epoxy is strong, easy to maintain, and incredibly durable. It’s why customers in the industrial and manufacturing industries have relied on epoxy coating for years. This post explains why we recommend epoxy coating your concrete surfaces.

First, What Is Epoxy?

Epoxy coating contains two parts – epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. Mixing them together causes a chemical reaction that creates heat. Known as an exothermic reaction, it is this heat that causes the epoxy to bond to the concrete surface.

Please note that epoxy coating is not the same thing as epoxy paint. The coatings generally contain at least three layers: primer or base, color, and topcoat. Epoxy coatings are fairly thick, from 1mm to 5mm (although some are 1cm or more).

Epoxy paints typically contain less than 1 percent epoxy. While they’re usually stronger than regular paint, they have nowhere near the durability of epoxy coatings.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of epoxy.

Epoxy Works with Nearly Any Concrete Surface

We started installing epoxy sealant on garage floors and in driveways because it resists pretty much everything. But really, you can use epoxy nearly anywhere.

Garage floor epoxy coating, Dakota Power Washing, Glendale AZMany homeowners are even using epoxy coatings inside the home, in place of tile, linoleum, or carpeting. For outside, we recommend it for your garage floor, driveway, patio, and walkways. With the right additives, it stands up to Phoenix’s hot sun without yellowing. Additives also keep it from being slippery when it’s wet.

If you’ve turned your garage into a workshop, mancave, lady lair, guest room, or anything else, epoxy is a terrific option. Of course, it’s also great if you just want a clean, easy-to-maintain place to park your cars. Why? Just read the next section.

Epoxy Coating Is Super Strong

Auto shops, warehouses, and other industrial facilities wouldn’t have jumped on the epoxy bandwagon if the coating just looked great. This stuff stands up to a LOT of abuse. Leaking fluids, dropped tools, chemical spills, even ordinary wear and tear doesn’t present a problem with epoxy.

The sealant also bonds so well with the concrete that most manufacturers offer a 15-year warranty, with some offering lifetime guarantees. That’s nearly unheard of in the concrete coating business.

Epoxy Coating Looks Great

Epoxy gives you nearly limitless design options. You can choose just a clear coat, if concrete gray is your favorite color. But you can also choose finishes that mimic the look of natural stone (marble is a perennial favorite), as well as solid colors, pebbled or speckled finishes, and even abstract designs. We’ve even had people choose ASU maroon and gold for their garage-turned-game-room.

The coating also keeps an incredible shine, which is great in the garage since it adds a lot of light to a space where lighting often presents a challenge.

Finally, because epoxy resists staining and scratching so well, it will look freshly installed for years.

Epoxy Coating Is Low Maintenance

Concrete sealed with epoxy may be the easiest flooring type to maintain. It isn’t porous, so it won’t stain, even under a car leaking oil and antifreeze. You don’t need special cleaners to wipe away these liquids, just water and a little mild detergent. If it’s outside, you can just spray it with a hose. And the rest of the time, all you need is a broom or a dust mop.

Disadvantages of Epoxy Concrete Coating

Like everything in life, epoxy concrete coating isn’t perfect. There are a couple of things that will harm the surface.

The first is hot slag. If you have a concrete floor in a workshop where you do welding work, hot slag may damage the coating.

Second is moisture – specifically, moisture from underground. Known as moisture vapor, it may cause epoxy coatings to delaminate, i.e. separate from the concrete. This isn’t much of a problem in the Phoenix area. However, if you have drainage issues, leaking pipes, or a below grade slab, you’re more susceptible to moisture problems. Check the concrete’s surface for a white, powdery residue known as efflorescence. If it comes back even after cleaning, you may have a moisture problem underground.

Professional Installation Is Fast and Easy

Professional installers have the training, experience, and equipment to get the job done right and do it quickly. And our professional-grade products dry quickly, so you can walk and even park on our epoxy coatings within 24 hours of installation.

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